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Below are a handful of testimonials received from teachers and parents that have used Crack the Code, please contact us if you would like to add yours!
  • Deborah Walsley (Year 1/2 Teacher)
  • Kerry Searle (Upper Primary Classroom Teacher – Year 5/6)
  • Amanda Ellis (Parent)
  • Esther Roberts (Year 1 Classroom Teacher)
  • June Noblet (Support teacher: Inclusive Education)
  • Rachel Williams (School of the Air Teacher)
  • Steve Harper (Parent)
  • Jess Robinson (Year 1/2 Classroom Teacher)
  • Manuela Andrew (School of the Air teacher)
  • Lis Jones (Year 1/2 Classroom Teacher)
  • Linda Rooney (Parent)
  • Gwenyth Broug (Year 3/4 Classroom Teacher)
  • Michelle Kenna (Parent)
Deborah Walsley (Year 1/2 Teacher)

I have been teaching for over 35 years and have nothing but high praise for Stephen Flynn’s
‘Crack the Code’ program.  I began using the program 5 months ago and in that time my
Year 1 and 2 indigenous students have made significant gains in reading, writing and knowledge
of sight words. The program is amazingly easy to implement, requiring no special resources and
the students have immediate take up of the program. It gave my students the confidence to
become independent writers, improved their reading levels from 2 to 7 levels and tripled their
sight word recognition. It is the most comprehensive, systematic program that teaches children
the phonological skills to become literate and it delivers results! So exciting! Thanks Stephen!

Kerry Searle (Upper Primary Classroom Teacher – Year 5/6)

I have found Crack the Code to be a highly effective intervention program
for students who have been left behind in literacy at the Upper Primary
level . The program is simple to learn and implement, and the effects on my
students’ confidence, and reading and spelling abilities has been immediately
apparent. Each student I have worked with in the program has improved their
PM Benchmark reading level by at least two levels in a term, and some even
more. Crack the Code has enabled these students who were stuck at a very
low literacy level for years to begin to catch up with their classmates, and to
thoroughly enjoy the process.

Amanda Ellis (Parent)

My daughter struggled with reading and writing throughout Prep and Grade
one.  Stephen Flynn’s program called “Crack the Code” was a positive influence
on her improvements in these learning areas and others.  My daughter was
fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Stephen, in person over
three school semesters, culminating in drastic improvements.  A valuable
program that all schools would benefit from.

Esther Roberts (Year 1 Classroom Teacher)

It has been amazing to see the confidence that the Crack the Code program has built
in the students. Learners who before would stop in the face of an unknown word
now independently employ their new knowledge to sound out and ‘crack’ what
that new word may be. The satisfaction that this gives them is evident in their
smiles. The involvement of parents and carers has made a huge impact to pupils’
progression and has facilitated them in supporting their children’s development.
The improvements in reading and writing have been incredible to see. One of
the main benefits has been that the whole class enjoy and engage in the program
to their own benefits. As a teacher, I have also found myself learning some new
spelling patterns along side the class, which can only improve my teaching and hence the class’ learning experience. I have not used a phonic program before that is so comprehensive and has such a great impact on reading and writing in the early years. It has been inspiring to see!

June Noblet (Support teacher: Inclusive Education)

We have been using the Crack the Code program at our school for the past two
years. Originally designed to be used in clinical therapy with additional home
support, the program has been adapted for use in a whole class setting.
Our Prep students are introduced to the program towards the end of Term 1
once they have been introduced to a selected number of sounds. They learn
to blend and track sounds in words leading to writing and reading words of
increasing number of sounds. Lessons are differentiated so that more able
students advance through the program.

Similarly in Year 1, lessons are differentiated with students able to apply spelling
rules and base words and endings to enable them to read and write words of
Our data indicates improved levels of reading and spelling across both year
levels. Our parents are delighted with the progress of their children and are
very supportive of the program. We are so impressed with the success of this
sequential program that it is being introduced into Years 2 and 3 for 2014.

Rachel Williams (School of the Air Teacher)

Your guidance and program have been fantastic and it is wonderful to the
see the kids shoot forward in their reading and writing.

Steve Harper (Parent)

I found Steve’s program “Crack the Code” to be an amazing success. It improved
my son’s reading, writing and spelling too, and beyond a level that he needed to
fulfill his potential at school. I would, and do highly recommend the program to anyone
I know that has a child that requires help in this area. I’m amazed that our national
school programs aren’t teaching our kids with this style of program, it just seemed
to make sense. And a funny thing happened along the way – my literacy has also
improved out of sight! I cannot speak highly enough of the program.

Jess Robinson (Year 1/2 Classroom Teacher)

“It’s so simple and easy to implement. I’m able to address misconceptions immediately and directly making the 5 or so minutes more meaningful and purposeful for each student.

Manuela Andrew (School of the Air teacher)

“I have been using ‘Crack the Code” with some of my struggling readers from years one
through to year five to help ‘fill the gaps’ in their phonic knowledge. The program is
very easy to follow with step-by-step instructions that take only a few minutes a day to
implement – even the parents feel comfortable doing it. The children progress at their own
pace – they move on once a step is mastered and not before. This ensures that there are
no gaps in their knowledge, they are more confident and begin to have more success in the
classroom. I’m looking forward to helping more students unlock their reading potential with

Lis Jones (Year 1/2 Classroom Teacher)

The Crack the Code Program that I implemented into my 1/2 class has assisted my
students to grow in confidence in their spelling, reading and writing. The students
who had not progessed previously have made significant progress simply from being
able to orally say the sounds and then moved on to recognisng the sounds as letters.

Linda Rooney (Parent)

Stephen Flynn is an amazing teacher with amazing teaching methods. My son Kasper Rooney was diagnosed with severe Verbal Dyspraxia at the age of 3. I took him to numerous speech pathologists, so called reading experts and nothing made a difference until we were lucky enough to find Stephen. Stephen utilises a method of teaching that improves speech, language understanding spelling and reading phenomenally.

His system is nothing short of amazing. This coupled with his patient and kind manner make him invaluable to any child struggling with speech and reading difficulties. My son started to improve immediately with Stephen. He went from barely discernible speech and very little reading ability to fully fluent language and great reading skills.
Having conquered these disabilities my son is now a happy little boy secure at school and able to cope with the curriculum with ease. We can never thank Stephen enough for his help with Kasper. It is inconceivable to think where we would be without his system that has completely changed our lives. His method is easy to apply at
home and the results are quick and ongoing. I recommend Stephen and his “Crack the Code” system to any parent
struggling to cope with speech and reading disabilities for their child.

I consider my son to be fully cured of his Dyspraxia and learning disabilities now and was told prior to meeting Stephen that these would be lifetime afflictions we would just have to live with. I have no doubt that if we had not been lucky enough to find Stephen that my son would still be struggling and be unable to read or speak fluently.
I am happy to be contacted for further details if necessary.

Gwenyth Broug (Year 3/4 Classroom Teacher)

The Crack the Code program is able to be implemented on an individual
and at a small group or class level. In regard to phonic awareness, students
in NT remote schools generally have competency in the use of consonants
but struggle with the spelling of vowel sounds. The Crack the Code
program efficiently teaches vowel spelling whilst simultaneously teaching
word construction.

Michelle Kenna (Parent)

I have no hesitation in recommending Steve Flynn and his fantastic program “Crack the Code”. My son is severely dyslexic and has been struggling through school since Prep. We started tutoring when he was in Grade 4 and while making some slow progress, he was still grades behind and showing no signs of ever reading. He would still muddle his sounds and although quite intelligent and sporty just could not grasp reading, writing or spelling.

In 2013 we were introduced to Steve Flynn and his wonderful program “Crack the Code”. After my son’s first session I could see that his response was very positive. During our second session I saw a little light go on in my son.On the way home that day in the car my son said to me “Wow Mum, I now know what it feels like to learn. I actually learnt something and now it actually makes sense.” I was trying not to let him see the tears flooding my eyes. Every week since then he has gone from strength to strength and we are overjoyed.

I am so grateful and thankful that we have this help and that my son can now put sounds together and make words
and that he is now reading and excited that he can read. My son is in High School now and I try not to think of the time that was wasted before we met Steve. I have always known that there would be no miracle cure for my son, but this program has truly been our miracle. Week after week with a new lesson and something to work on at home, and at school, he is learning and more importantly retaining what he has learnt, and it has all been done in such a positive way.

So in closing if you have a child or student who is struggling please give this a try. It really was the best decision ever for our son and his High School and Primary School teachers would also definitely attest to that


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